Join our Gift of Life Program with a recurring donation! image

Join our Gift of Life Program with a recurring donation!

Your gift will provide life-giving care to children in Haiti


Children like Alan need our loving support

When we first met Alan, he was less than one year old and suffering from a severe neurological disorder and was not likely to reach his first birthday. But thanks to supporters like you, we had the resources to provide Alan with loving care, medical treatment and nourishment so that today he has passed his 5th birthday. Although he cannot yet speak, he bring smiles to those around him with his laughter whenever people sit and talk to him.

There are many hundreds of children in Haiti who are orphaned or abandoned every year. These kids deserve a chance at healthy life! When you join our team of monthly supporters you are directly helping to care for more children just like Alan.

Your monthly support will:

  • Ensure that FEJ has the resources to purchase food and medicine for the dozens of children in our care.
  • Provide a loving, safe and stable home for children as our social workers seek permanent homes for them.
  • Ensure that the children in our care - and those awaiting placement into our care - receive an education and the opportunity for the healthy life that they deserve.

And you’ll have the joy of knowing that your donation is put to work, immediately changing a child's life.